Monday, August 22, 2011

Dear Customer. Sincerely, Manager

I’ve never written about the corporate world before partly out of ignorance and mostly out of a lack of concern. The stock markets rise and fall all the time like a man in the ocean who’s going to drown eventually unless a helicopter rescues him. Guys attracted to the bobbing man, mistaking him to be a hot wet drowning damsel in distress no doubt, tie their fate to him and continue to float or sink. (I don’t know any women investors so yes, Women - 1: Men - 2360978) Companies take over other companies like funky microbes. People get fired and/or resign and/or defraud other people and/or spend their time running between the courts of golf and law. Dirty business, business.

But if there is one thing I enjoy very much it would have to be marketing. The things people say and show and do to convince the consumer that they have something the consumer wants to buy makes for great entertainment. Occasionally they also make for confusion and if you wish to avoid calling the toll free number and being told how important your call is then I've answered some of the burning doubts you might have from some recent marketing efforts.