Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Smiley Post

  • This post was born on the twenty second day of the twelfth month of the two thousand tenth year of the AD period
  • With severely constrained resources at home (or wherever I am right now) this is the best I can do.
  • I'll update this whenever I have sufficient a number of new ones to update it.
  • These are all characters on your keyboards. Nothing fancy. You can enter ASCII codes and get characters by holding down alt and pushing the ASCII code on your numpad
  • They are all text and not images so you can copy them and use them as you like.
  • If you use them a lot I'd like you to credit it to this blog. Isolated usage is okay but if someone asks you if you came up with it then be honest.
  • They vary from font to font.
  • Hopefully the HTML doesn't screw this up too much

Latest (29th Dec 2010):

Ç≈ - hot coffee

:>-< - a condom company logo

--/--Æ - flying plane

(-8ϞΞ - HP

 վ - Prabhu Deva

,O9P - Elephant

:Þ the :P for those who aren’t retarded



{:-) - Happy sombero dude

\=:) - Graduate

:-{--  Chinese kung fu master


< / 3 - Heart break

»-<3→ - Arrow through the heart thing

:~( - I broke my nose

:*) - Twinkle in the eye

..|.. - The Finger

Ö - Eyes popping out of socket

:§ - Tongue Tied

:Þ the :P for those who aren’t retarded


o-o-o-o-O-o-o-o-o-o - Ravana

O3 - Mickey Mouse

≡B) - Johnny Bravo

: -> ) - Pinocchio lying

"-) - Pablo Picasso

*<:)> - Santa Claus

☺/☻- Michael Jackson Before-After

≈ :Φ - Angeline Jolie

¶: - Elvis

:(≡) - Hannibal Lecter

(-8ϞΞ - HP

 վ - Prabhu Deva


_o/  - The Matrix "attack me" pose

~\o/~ - Body Odour

\O/ - Bhangra Paale!

E(: - Needs Braces

:V - Gossip girl

 /o\ - A nun

▌:/ - Mind block

:☼ - Loudmouth


o~ - A sperm cell

(C: Proboscis Monkey

c[_] - a cup of coffee

t[_] - a cup of tea

π π π π  - Stone Henge

Ç≈ - a hot cup of coffee

:>-< - a condom company logo

--/--Æ - flying plane

,O9P - Elephant


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  2. human mammary glands???? (let me add i have a raised eyebrow)

  3. @Belladonna: This is a U/A blog therefore I can't really call them anything else. The shackles of society, sigh.
    @Others: Thanks