Thursday, July 17, 2014

Vancouver, Canada

My Asian friend was not very impressed,
"I've got biggel fish to fly.", he said

The airport has a lot of artwork. This is the
"You must be shorter than this to board the aircraft" one.

And then your eyes meet, and it's awkward, and then He places
a banana peel under your next step to dissolve the tension.

The post boxes seem cheerful despite their rapid decline  Que sera sera.

...the clouds looked no nearer than when I was lying on the street,
But I didn't get run over by cars up there.

Massive teardrop attack

If this weren't Canada, you'd think this was some kind of standoff.

I walked off into the sunset, happily ever after, and took a left.

In this case it was a duck.

There are multiple such marks on the really long jogging/cycling
track around Stanley Park. I think it's a power up bonus.

My room overlooked the Matrix 4 shooting set.

Daddy cool.

The above scene at nighttime.

First world problems - boat congestion.

"Will you be paying by card or cash?
No, I don't already know. I'm just the receptionist. "

His lobster sense tingles every time he's in hot water.

In less smooth words, Mr. Stitches wants to have kids with you.

"I see a cavity, I think we should filet."

It is so close to the north pole that Earth's magnetic
field can pull your cycle out from under you.

At the Lynn Canyon suspension bridge

The coldest water I have ever stepped into.
No other water body has made me go,
"Oh motherfff... !"

It's a suspension bridge, it's supposed to be bent in the middle.

Cantrail? Okaythenbus.

Given how far west we were, this is probably
the truest sunset I will ever see.

You drive across it and become fab.

Only if you couldn't reduce or reuse.

Fair, well-educated male, 28, working in the US, good family,
did not go inside, only peeked in from the outside.

Discrimination by colour.

Titles matter.

Keep going straight and you reach the edge of the world.

If you know a lawyer, please ask whether in this
situation, the dog is the victim or the culprit?

The should have got out on the left, but they got out on the right
and drowned in some strange alien polar liquid.
The hunt for ETs continues.
Cyclists aren't expecting to be hit by me either.
That's the sort of thing that allows civil society to keep ticking.

If it makes you wet then the boat is sinking
and you need to find the hole and plug it

Hi-funda photograph opportunity presented itself.

"Live like chief. World same like in your hands."

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