Saturday, March 17, 2018

Agumbe, Karnataka, India - 2

There is a Part 1. Hence the 2 in the title.


The remains of this fort are wrapped around a hill which makes for a nice, short trek up to the temple at the peak. There are a couple of spots midway where it looks like the trail ends but it doesn't. Don't let your unfit or pansy friends convince you otherwise.

I think there were five doorways on the way.
When you cross the third one, you can send this to the others who didn't make it.
Expect to receive of a few of these in return.

A solution, likely unpopular, to the seat up or down debate is no seat.
Similarly, my take on -
Cats or dogs? None.
Tea or coffee? None.
Friends or How I Met Your Mother? None.
Masjid or Mandir? None. Maybe a McDonald's to prevent people from secretly building one later.

The backdoor leads to that forest. What a great place for a break!
But the staff have so much stuff burning around them all
the time, they probably don't smoke cigarettes, no?
Temples could be a great test bed to see if the tea and snack based,
short break economy could survive in the absence of tobacco.

Rock boob.
The temple is barely there during the summer.

The drains are modelled after horses with a goatee.
They have one sided mood swings, alternating between a poker face and weeping.

Sort of like the view from Madonna's throat.
Do all her teeth have gaps or only the incisors at the front?

A friendzone threesome.
This could also be tessellated and extended with no limit in sight - the friendzone infinitsome.
It could also be built up in the third dimension to form a tetrahedral friendzone ninesome.

A specie that has life figured out, and a specie that's trying to get a new DP.

When none of your other friends are metrosexuals.

Back in those days, the municipal corporation could raze the king's
property if he had more floors built than what he had taken permissions for.
Now we can't even sort out the Orion Mall - storm water drain matter. 

This scene was painful to take a picture of because the ground
isn't level and the pool isn't well aligned with the surroundings.
This is a recurring issue at so many Indian historical sites.
The ancient Indians didn't invent protractors.

The prince was probably one of those people who brag about how
many laps they swim without telling you the actual length they swam.

The trek ends at a tugboat sculpted out of rock.
This may look silly now but it could become a really cool novelty hotel after the sea levels have risen to this height.

You want to keep the boring, lime juice by two ordering old folk out?
Then put your cool nightclub at the end of such a staircase.
You want to keep the spending, drunk, young folk in? Same.

When you've been staring at someone and they suddenly turn to look at you, and then you
turn your head too, pretending you're looking for whatever the other person is looking at.

Have you ever wondered why humans have butt cheeks but so many animals don't?
And have you ever hoped we lose them so that nobody can twerk again?

Kapu Beach

Our bus back was from Udupi so we decided to head to Kapu beach in the afternoon. It is a 20 minute walk from the nearest bust stop on the highway, through roads with apartment complexes in the background, lots of greenery on the side, and autos ferrying people who want to go to Kapu beach but don't want to walk it.

Three of them have to stand one on top of each other on the seat to reach the steering.

When your marketing budget is low and you can't afford anything
more than your teenage son making your advertisements for you.

Translation - if you see a boy defecating, slap him on the cock, make him your bitch, and walk away.

The beach is like the relationship of a real estate mogul who married a hot, young thing but couldn't keep her satisfied.
One half has the shops, restaurants, people, the lighthouse, etc. The other half has crabs.

If you aren't confident about going into the sea so you can come to this shallow pond instead.
It is a few hundred metres downstream of a floating garbage patch which is as much as you deserve for being a wuss.

For his sake, I hope he's just lost.
The most famous case of someone getting transfixed to his own reflection ended in his suicide.

Someone's going to very disappointed when they find out it's really fine sand and not cocaine.

How I want women to feel when they meet me.

How women probably feel when they meet me.

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