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Agumbe, Karnataka, India - 1

Part 2 covers the Kavaledurga fort and a detour to Kaup Beach.

Agumbe, also known as the Cherrapunji of the South, is a small village about 3 hours in a bus from Mangalore. It's the sort of place where you could sit by yourself at a town square not doing anything, waiting for someone to join you, or plotting world destruction when suddenly, if the nickname is justified, it rains 15 cms and you catch a cold and are in bed for two weeks.


The homestay we stayed at was located some 10 or so kms away from Agumbe but was within a 15 minute walk to the bus station and the highway so connectivity wasn't a problem. You can play slightly contained one tip one hand cricket in the courtyard and they won't complain about the flowers, plants, etc. getting damaged. And the fish will have lots of bones.

This was the terrace.
The homestay itself is more welcoming.

"Soaring real estate prices? Bumper to bumper traffic?
I think I'd be perfectly fine in Bangalore."

"I'm a celebrity. Miley Cyrus wrote a song about me. It's an embarrassing source of fame but if not for that,
I'd be a nobody and would have to claim that Selena Gomez wrote a song about me. Rather MC than SG."

"... and my door bell would play Nobody's Home.
And my ring tone would be Nobody's listening."

"Lizards falling of the ceiling? It is not an accident. We're merely taking a shortcut.
Wasn't it one of yours, Haldane maybe, who wrote about mouses getting a shock,
rats getting killed, humans breaking, and horses splashing? Well, lizards < mice, so."
"Truce. I'm on a diet."
"Truce. He's on a diet."

Sunset Point

The hills roll out in front of you and there is quite a bit of greenery so it might be a nice view if you could see the sun. There isn't much else happening there.


The place where some portions of Malgudi Days was shot is now a pay-what-you-want restaurant. And maybe a homestay.

You need to call ahead and reserve a spot. The food was simple, home-made, and good but nobody really shows you around now now is there any obvious Malgudi Days memorabilia so it's pretty much like any another restaurant in a way but for the hosts who were quite chatty. I should have just whistled the tune as I walked around.

River Front
( None of us can remember the name of the place )

Everybody has their own way of enjoying the riverbank

Agumbe Rainforest Research Institute

This is a privately run research station where academically interested folks come and stay while they carry out their studies. Visitors can also stay or just come and take a walk and try and spot creatures and hope someone gets bitten or stung for the entertainment it will provide.

Feet planted firmly on the ground.
If it were leather, you would have suspected the mammal gang to have placed this here to trigger unrest. 

If an evolutionary anomaly were to occur and an animal were into BDSM, god has provided for them too.

Elephants are magical creatures that eat leaves and convert them to fibrous fudge brownies.
Probably why everybody is worried about elephant poaching.
Ivory too.


Small time bloggers don't need to have statuary warnings about the harmful effects of smoking.
Or a recording of the national anthem at the beginning of the post.
What a great country!

The horns look badass but they are actually really soft and polite.
One of them even made way for the other.

"My knees are killing me."

"My band once played Winds of Change.
We consumed lots of beans before the performance and then kept farting and throwing coins into the crowd."

"Dew drops every morning! How am I supposed to trap my food when the dew drops mark out the damn trap!
I spend most of the morning cleaning it up. Food gets caught only in the afternoon but all the
fresh stuff is snapped up by then and only the stale student, drunkard sorts are left by then.
Swiggy, UberEATS, etc. have nothing for me nor do they cover this area."

"Who let Mr. Morrison be The Lizard King? Were any of the lizards consulted?
Can he even do anything? Basic lizard stuff - can he catch a fly with his tongue?
What about changing his colour? Or regrowing his tail? Ha! I didn't think so."

"When I was a tadpole, my cousins played a really cruel joke on me.
They told me that to ward off bad luck in a leap year we lock ourselves in our
rooms at the crack of dawn on the leap day, and jump the whole day until sunset.
I was really tired soon after sunrise but I kept jumping. I didn't want my family
to come under a car or something just because I couldn't jump for a few hours.
Thankfully, the folk downstairs called my parents to complain about the thumping sound coming from my room."

"Snakes have no problem posing in the nude. We're very comfortable in our skin.
When we aren't, we just shed it and move into a new one."

"I'm not giving you another line for your stupid blog just because you're clicking a picture from a different angle."

Dead toenail. Killed during a football game.
Its last words were probably, 'Motherfu...'

"An exoskeleton makes it easier to get away with, not fat, just big boned."

"If we had the body, we would have made a killing as pole dancers."

"It took 13 cosmetic surgeries but I finally look like my idol, Justin Creeper."

"It's going to be a missed call and they won't get a call back."


Kundadri apparently offers a trek but being unaware of this until after the trip, we ended up going all the way in a car.

Spot the future BJP member.
Also, part 1 of an ad for condoms.

And part 2 of the ad for condoms.

In a moment of weakness, this man could succumb to the temptation to do DeNiro
from Taxi Driver, leaving the person at the other end of the phone call very confused.

This is the inner sanctum of the Jain temple at the top.
Self-fulfilling for Jains who are praying for a cure to their claustrophobia.

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