Sunday, October 1, 2017

Coorg, Karnataka, India - 3

Continued from part 1, and part 2 and right after this -

That would have discouraged many but not me. Being a critical acclaim > popularity sort of guy, I'm going to continue writing anyway. I haven't impressed any women enough to get asked out or even stalked so can't give up after only about a decade of trying. 

( If you are aware of someone stalking me, please let me know ASAP. Writing takes up a lot of time which could instead be invested in exercise, grooming, and interacting with other human beings. )

Now the actual post -

The last day, on our way to Bangalore, we stopped at:
  • Madikeri fort, which seemed to be just a walk on a fortress wall which you can skip if you don't have the time, 
  • Raja's seat, which is a nice stroll and a toy train ride and a view point but nothing you will regret missing, 
  • Nisargadhama Island, which you should avoid, and 
  • Bylakuppe, which is worth the time spent but can also be visited from Mysore.
Most of the pictures look like they could be from anywhere for a reason. This is going to be the most disappointing post of the series.

In and Around Town

Even if they take dog off the menu, they might not be able to take dog off the table.

A great way to spot strangers who are trying to become a part
of your group. Or prevent that from happening altogether.
( Portrait is most suitable for surreptitious pictures. Apologies. )

A demonstration of the de Broglie hypothesis.

Madikeri Fort

Repeat after me, the grass isn't green on any side.

These elephants have clearly seen things. With their memory, you can't forget the things that you want to forget.
Which might be why standard coping mechanism of getting drunk
and going on rampage shows up in the papers every now and then.

Raja's Seat

Bangle ooru.

Wasn't there an Angel di Maria to Barca rumour before the Dembele deal?

T-rexes would have struggled with selfies.
And their food pictures would have been too gory.
I'd call that Intelligent Design.

The number of telescopic lenses that must have been pointed at that house
and ended up missing the huge bacteriophage right under their noses

What I thought Melanie Hamrick would feel like if Mick Jagger managed to survive for some more years.
But apparently he's still capable of impregnating her so maybe I'm wrong.

It looks even more juvenile if you aren't coordinated.
And even more juvenile if you never learnt how to jump.


The ancient Hindus invented breast pumps. And, looking at those expressions, also seem to have
had a competitive sport which involved sticking them on to other women against their will.

The composition and attitudes of the team in every group project I've ever worked on.
When you promised your children waterfalls, but forgot it was summer.

Bringing back memories of the question that everyone hoped for in eight grade biology exams.


I didn't take too many pictures inside Bylakuppe. Some temples have those sort of rules. In hindsight, I'm glad I didn't. I thought Buddhists were chilled out people until this Myanmar Rohingya thing.

The temple itself is level. I was just being very lazy with the pictures.

In this one, I wasn't in the centre.

Thank god for the sloping roof on this corridor.

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