Saturday, September 23, 2017

Coorg, Karnataka, India - 2

Continued from part 1. Part 3 after this.


On day 2, we set out for Tadiyandmol early in the morning. The trek itself was going to last till the afternoon after which the plan was to visit Nalknad Palace, a small palace near the starting point of the trek. I say small because it is probably rude to say that I've seen bigger houses. It is, however, a quaint bit of work and fun to peek in and around for a few minutes. Photography was prohibited in there.

Going up and coming down is about 15 kms so refuse to share your water with anyone else who asks for it. They should have gotten their own. Don't mistake this as me goading you to resort to random meanness. You will meet many such people. That and people wearing footwear extremely ill-suited to treks.

Accuse the more persistent / beseeeching ones of belonging to Tamil Nadu and start chanting Cauvery namdu very loudly. At that point a mob of locals should gather and start setting fires to tyres and you should be able to make good your escape in that melee.

From the scrotum texture rejects file.

Have you ever had neighbours you hated so much that you wished you could direct a minor landslide at them?

This fly / bee / whatever's favourite band?
The White Stripes.
This bug's favourite band?
I don't think it has a favourite band. It's a bug. Don't be ridiculous. They probably don't even have ears.

In a parallel universe, where more women desire me than I can manage,
my parallel self is whining to his friends, 'Plenty of leeches in the forest.'

Smoke signals which translate to, "Look everybody! More idiots climbing up
the mountain in the hot sun for <air quotes>leisure</air quotes>! Hahaha!"

Because of the thinner atmosphere at that altitude,
farts can double up as effective short distance propulsion systems.

In the event of some sort of tragedy, ensure that you or your body can be spotted.

When trying to find a mate, leave no stone unturned.
Trying to find a good, cheap, North Indian food place in Bangalore.

If you get bored on your way down and start jogging to get there faster, it's a little hard to slow down and stop.
Plan B is taking a right and trying to stop later. If that fails and you go left, you'll fall off the edge.
We had the good fortune of witnessing a fat person fail at plan A, panic, and finally roll to a stop.

With so much light pollution, we only have the mountains to make us feel small.
And data from the rest of the world about how big they are.

Our very own flag raising at Iwo Jima 

This could have been the nicest toilet except the seat would have gotten unbearably cold.

The exploratory parts around the peak can separate the different levels of enthusiasm and life expectancy.

If swimming pools have urine in them, and since they are part of the
water cycle, shouldn't rains and clouds and fog also have urine?

On the way down, everyone wants to get back except that one
guy who wants to practice his Christ the Redeemer impressions.

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