Saturday, May 13, 2017

House Leads Automation

When 2 or more flatmates are looking for a place to stay, over multiple weekends, in multiple areas, without a broker, it becomes a little tricky to collaborate. The UI for most of these real estate portals is very poorly designed and slows you down further.

These scripts scrape relevant postings from 4 popular websites and keep it in a simple, easy to compare format on Google Sheets.

You can get the code, etc. here.

The FAQ here are the same or an earlier version of the ones posted on the GitHub page.

  • The user still needs to visit the respective website to get the user contact details.
  • I'm not making any money from this so I hope this isn't illegal in any way. No, this is not something worth starting a company over.
  • I'm don't plan to actively work on this so it's unlikely that new features are going to get added. I might resolve bugs if I have time for it though.
  • Entries for the same property on different websites aren't being detected.
  • I have to figure out which license works best for me. If there is a license that says that except for using this for your own personal needs, you can't use this code in any other manner without my permission then that's the license this is going to be under.

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