Friday, March 31, 2017

Synopsis: The Old Man Who Was a C-word

This is centred around an old man who grew up in a culture where preying on the helpless and gullible was a way of life. Of late, he has been living off of the work of others and not really doing much himself. One day he realises that nobody respects him and then something snaps in him.

On a morning soon after, he sets out with the intention of going a long way out to harm those weaker than him, just to prove himself to his peers. On his return he boasts about all the wicked things he did to the rest of the village who take his word for it despite scarce evidence of the same. So awestruck is the rest of the village that they elect him their leader and inflict more brazen atrocities in his name. The old man goes back to doing nothing except now he has to provide the occasional sound byte.

This is the story of so many old men that perhaps this could be an anthology of biographies titled, The Old Men Who Were C-words.

Inspired by: The Old Man and the Sea

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