Thursday, March 23, 2017

Mekedatu, Karnataka, India

Mekedatu is a half a day trip from Bangalore. The story goes that at that point, a goat ( meke ) jumped ( datu ) across the Kaveri river to escape a chasing tiger. A herdsman who happened to spot the incident suggested the name, probably to his herdsmen chums. Whatever floats your goat, his herdsmen chums said to him having more important matters of their own to deal with.

According to legend, these are goat hooves because the
goat that jumped across the river was actually Lord Shiva.
A simpler, more believable, explanation could be Punjabi aunties.

Apart from tigers and goats, some boards claimed that a number of crocodiles also resided in the waters and that they fed on distracted swimmers and those who'd slipped on the rocks and fallen in the water. This must have contributed to the decision to make the surrounding area an alcohol-free zone. Before you start complaining, ask yourself if you would rather have lots of liqour chocolates or some regular chocolate.

When birds swoop down they do it with such purpose. But then they just perch doing nothing.
Do they actually have a reason to land and just keep forgetting what they came for?

Millions of years of evolution went into exchanging this for anti-Romeo squads.

"Let the heathen spill theirs, on the dusty ground.
God shall make them pay for each sperm that can't be found."
- Monty Python


From Bangalore, Google Maps showed one very round about way to directly drive up to the falls and another route which takes you till a point after which it's a short wade / boat ride and a ticketed bus ride away. We chose the latter which brought us to a point upstream of Mekedatu with calm waters. This is where the Kaveri meets another river, Arkavathi.

We arrived quite early in the morning and since we didn't know what we had to do we took a small walk around and confirmed our hunch that there wasn't much else to see.

Pep Guardiola apparently divides the pitch into zones and if you've
ever seen any of his teams play you'd think this is what it looks like.

When you're in organic chemistry class but your teacher is
so pretty that you didn't even notice the structure of ethane.

We'd visited late in October. The timing might be relevant to the presence of a shallow stretch of water a little to the left of the entrance to the meadow. You could wade through it to get to the other side or just loll around for a while. The boatmen eventually wake up and begin work a little later in the morning which is when the sissies and the old people got across.

We were having so much fun that we didn't leave until the cows came home.

A very well done African-American jellyfish costume.
Like I said, this was around October. Maybe this was for Halloween.


A dingy bus on the other side drives you till the specific point from where you can descend closer to the water. It's just a rocky staircase which leads to a big rock. You can wander around and peer at things for a while by which time the bus would have completed another round and would be waiting to take some passengers back.

Not that this is one but I was just wondering if there are any volcanoes called Polo.
Because, you know, it's a mount with a hole.

This was probably a few feet across.
Most men will still not be able to find the spot.

Edward Munch's inspiration.

What did the Japanese kid say to his mother when she wouldn't
let him drop out of engineering and pursue painting instead?

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