Sunday, June 28, 2015

Frankfurt, Germany

I had an evening to myself in Frankfurt, Germany.
This was the best flag I could find.

Flights and Airports

1A in a 747 us an underwhelming experience. The same laws
of physics apply in this part of the universe as anywhere else.
You are, however, spared the slow wait for the food cart
to make its way to your row.  Or death, for that matter.

German smoke signals are as long and complicated as their words.

 Early to bed, early to rise? Or the early bird getting the worm?

Do planes have to look right, look left before they cross the road?

Not the city to live in if you're a paragliding enthusiast.

But a good place for photography

A flyover for planes seems like a poor use of public money.

Walking Around Town

If visibility is poor, this sign will tell you which end is closer. If you don't
have time to look at your Fitbit, you also know the distance you ran.

Why do most people shop? And where? Out of bodum.
Bodum tss.

That looks more like systematic dismantling to me.

The wage disparity seems to be very high.

Someone forgot to pull the shutter down because of
which the ice melted and now they are out of stock.

A graphic enactment of sitting on your balls in a setting which does not
deem it acceptable to yell "Motherf....., that hurt!" and bend over and die.

This was the picture on magnets so it's famous for some reason.

This isn't the Rhine or the Danube.

If ever you find yourself in charge of building a bridge
in Europe, remember to account for all the extra weight
from the locks that idiotic couples keep putting on

With Greece defaulting, the world won't be
counting dollars, it'll be counting stars.

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