Saturday, December 20, 2014

Zagreb, Croatia

I had a quick stopover in Croatia.
Don't expect names or trivia in this post.

It's a through flight from Athens, so you get off,
clear immigration, circle the airport and board the same aircraft again.
You might also notice that Dubrovnik airport is not very busy at night.

This Monty Python sketch might play out in such a neighbourhood.

The Assassin's Creed guy doing do the Titanic yoga
asana after which some synchronisation thing will happen

Europe got a much better part of the
sky than the rest of the world.

Identify the one with flatulence

Is it an over-zealous devotee kneeling and inadvertently
headbutting the priest in the crotch or is it, you know, the
 sort of thing boys have to do for the men of The Church nowadays?

I though I'd squeeze in an Abbey Road reference but it didn't really
come together because the sun was going and not coming.
It's still something.

"And I was like, oh my god, you
want to uhm... statue a statue of moi?"

This might be a famous Croatian rock band without their instruments
All sculptures are a part of rock history anyway.

If only I had arrived a few months earlier.
Also, if you haven't heard Foals, I recommend Inhaler

Give me this and Lego, and I wouldn't ever see sunlight.
Unless you placed these things outside, of course.

Don't look. 12 o' clock, the spire is fake.
Also, this picture is very misleading,
the Zagreb Cathedral is 105m tall.
That's about 700 bananas.

This sort of a doorway always reminds me of a
shark's mouth, both literally and figuratively

The most generically named shop I've ever come across

Jesus or not, seagull wants your ice cream, seagull gets your ice cream

This shop is getting ransacked the first day the VHP Croatia shakha is set up

Whenever someone asks me what they should do
with their life, which admittedly isn't all that often,
my advice to them is along similar lines

Remember what I said about the sky in Europe?

Exit right, dramatically walking into the distant golden glow
It was a street light

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