Saturday, June 14, 2014

FIFA World Cup 2014 in Pictures

Brazil team dynamics post semi-final 7-1 loss

Brazil's semi-final 7-1 loss

Fellaini, now that Belgium is out of the
WC and knows that United want to sell him

Netherlands team talk when the game is tied after ninety minutes.

This shall be the lowest point of this post.

Most matches have been entertaining but when you
stay up to watch a game like France vs Germany...

I would pay to watch this.
How Brazil seem to be this WC

Neuer had 17 touches outside the box during Ger 2 - Nig 1
I wonder how many Ozil had.
Image source

A freekick routine gone wrong during
Ger 2 - Nig 1 was apparently planned.
As if that wasn't troll enough.

Robben on some days...

...Robben on other days

Even after bite-gate, Alex Song manages to hold 
claim to this WC's silliest way to hurt someone.

Suarez apparently tried to bite Chiellini back in the Confed Cup too.
He wasn't punished though.
Maybe Chiellini, after all this time, had a chip on his shoulder.

Support for Netherlands in the rest of the World Cup

With Barcelona on the decline, the Spanish contingent hatched a plan.

Italy 0 - 1 Costa Rica, 20th June

There are at least 8 Spaniards holding
their heads in their hands in this gif.
Also, since the defending champions exited in the group
stage itself, did the reign of Spain stay mainly till the plane?

The version Pepe's kids and nieces and nephews will hear.

Benzema assisted own-goal. France vs. Honduras, 15th June

Watching Japan vs. Ivory Coast in not particularly high resolution. 14th June

That man scored from the half line. I refuse to believe that this wasn't deliberate.
England vs. Italy, 14th June

Uruguay vs. Costa Rica, 14th June

Spain vs. Netherlands, 13th June

Brazil vs. Croatia, 12th June


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  2. LOLmax all the way! I'm never gonna forget 'Maybe Chiellini, after all this time, had a chip on his shoulder' and 'did the reign of Spain stay mainly till the plane?'

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