Saturday, October 29, 2011

Less Exciting Movie Names

And after we were done with this then Ruff had this idea to do it for movies and  this is what ensued. Sacred Cow was still around. He tells me that he doesn't agree with my selection of the titles and I tell him that it's my blog and that's that.

12 Angry Women (It's a silent movie, none of them are talking to each other)
Glad I Ate Her
Virginity, a Die Hard prequel
Found Nemo

The Chopsuey Candidate
Letting Private Ryan Die
Black Cock Up
Gone With Hurricane Kartina
Apocalypse Later, so chill.
The Good, the bad, the Ugly and Donald Trump
The Eco-Friendly Mile
The Social Network Knows What You Did Last Summer
The Italian Unemployed
My Big Fat Greek Bailout
The Third Reich(est) Farmer
Pillow Fight Club
Life-threatening Kombat
Schindler's Guest List
The quiet lambs
What feels like 2001 minutes: Space Odyssey
Citizen Kane vs. The Undertaker
Trans-farmers: The trials of being different in Rural America.
The Bourne Identity Card

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