Saturday, October 29, 2011

Less Exciting Band Names

Yesterday morning was unusually spent on Facebook. Two of my friends were having this long chain of comments triggered by this and they very graciously allowed me to intrude. The following are some of the ones I contributed:

The 5,6,7,8... uhm...shit...s: Formed by three second grade friends six years ago, they've now renamed themselves as The α, β, x, y, zs

John, Secretary to the Mayor: A famous percussion artist who uses innovative beats such as the phone ringing and typewriters

The Bee Gee Kay Em Dee El En Es Are Sees: Formed in the late 1800s by the whole Gibbs family, they now record as only The Bee Gees because of the passing away of most of the other members

Guns and Dandelions: A very popular hard rock band from the 1990s that dried up with age. Axl Dandelion is the only remaining member from the original line up

African American Eyed Peas: A Hip Hop group from the Savannahs, their song My Humps is now the second most viewed video after the Pussycat Dolls' video of Buttons. Their album Monkey Business is based on the true stories of AIDS victims.

Touch Lips, Exchange Saliva, Put Tongue In Her Mouth: Weird French band that wears black and facepaint. Very unpopular with the Church because of their provocative lyrics

Rage Against The Software: A very popular jazz band in Sillicon Valley that writes anti-Microsoft songs

Savage Venus Flytrap Garden: Their biggest (and only) hit was Fruitfly, Housefly, Butterfly

Lay Z: A black rap artist who relies on his wife Bouncy to do everything for him nowadays

Nee ABBA: An Andhra Pradesh band that stands up for gay rights in India.

Et Tu: They do Greek covers of the famous Irish band, U2. Their rendition of Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own is being pushed as the next national anthem of Greece.

Others that almost made it to the list:
Backstreet Regulars
Johnny Credit Card
Porcupine Weed
Red Hot Garam Masala
The Skipping Stones
The Boo Who
Velvet Water Pistol
The White Stripes or Black Stripes?
Elton Toilet
Alan Parson's BTP
My Organic Romance
The Dung Beetles

Since it's my blog, my contributions get the biggest mention. But the other two, RuffRuff and Sacred Cow (to protect identity and all) came up with pretty good ones too. Their top ones, in no particular order are as below:
Derek and The Dominatrix
Rage against the Vending machine
The AllWoman Brothers
Wolf's Litter
Beastial Boys
The Whodunnits
The Guessed Who
Limp Seabiscuit
Arts and Craft-werk
Marina Beach Boys
Crosby, Stils, Nash, Peter, John, Andrew, David, Bryan, Anthony and Young
Jefferson Airlines
Ironing Maiden
Phish and Chips
Stone Temple Pujaris
Food Fighters
Breaking In Benjamin
The Mashed Pumpkins
22.86 Centimeter Nails
LinkedIn Park
Tom Petty and the Cardiac Arresters
Def Leper

After we got bored of music we did movies.


  1. Where is Orange Day?
    Or did I miss it...

  2. Poets of the rise.
    Bullet for my gun.
    Plumbum Zeppelin.
    The stationary stones.
    Pearl Sauce.
    Alice made free.
    Black riverbath.