Sunday, June 13, 2010

World Cup 2010 - 10th July, 2010

"Waka Waka blah blah something something..." mocked General Specific.

This post shall be regularly taking you through the highlights of the FIFA World Cup 2010. It will be updated only at my leisure and might not be updated ever again if I run out of creativity or situations.

3rd July
Spain - Germany: 1-0: Evil's more fun.

3rd July
Argentina - Germany: 0-4: The Manager's New Clothes

2nd July
Uruguay - Ghana: 4-2 on Penalties.

29th June
Paraguay - Japan: 5-3 on penalties: Ever since Pearl Harbour I've had this theory, the Japanese suck at hitting targets.

28th June
Netherlands - Slovakia: 2-1

27th June
Germany - England: 4-1: Where they missed Rio

Englanda didn't evena geta to the paynalties, I'ma going back to Itaila.

25th June
Brazil - Portugal: 0-0 and Ivory Coast - North Korea: 3-0

24th June
Italy - Slovakia: 2-3: Partial marking won't help either

23rd June
England - Slovenia: 1-1: Riches to rags story

22nd June
Argentina - Greece: 2-0: Hitting the post has never been more useful

21st June
France - South Africa: 1-2: Les Boos? Oui, les fans.

20th June
Brazil - Ivory Coast: 3-1: God helps those, who hurt themselves.

19th June
Groups A,B,C and D as of now
Note how the team ranked third is, on an average, the best team on paper and the fourth position are African teams or countries which calls themselves continents

18th June
USA drew Slovenia 2-2 after being 0-2 down at halftime while Mexico beat France 2-0.

Political Gyan: USA won't declare war on England because the spill was nullified and they have no other reason. Algeria and Serbia aren't that vociferous about their nuclear rights. If USA exits in this round then there's no one it can declare war on.

17th June
Argentina 4 – 1 Korea Republic: Why Messi shouldn't try and become manager.

Greece 2-1 Nigeria: The Red Card stories: Then and Now

16th June, 2010
Spain-Switzerland: 0-1: Who got that right, huh? (refer Germany-Australia

South Africa 0-3 Uruguay: This time for Africa was intended to be a not joke.

15th June, 2010
Portugal-Ivory Coast: 0-0: Gervinho's bald patch outshines everyone and everything else on the pitch and joins the list of Reasons-your-dad-watches-football-even-though-he-doesn't-know-jack-about-it which also includes this (also, the prediction made after Germany-Australia was correct)

Italy-Paraguay: 1-1 after Italy being down 1-0 at halftime. It's a good sign for their economy(refer Germany-Australia)

14th June, 2010
Germany-Australia: 4-0: If the state of the economy has anything to do with scores...

13th June, 2010
England - USA: 1-1: 'Green', there wasn't a better person to end the oil spill crisis.

12th June, 2010
Argentina - Nigeria: 1-0: If Veron can play then age can't matter.


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