Tuesday, April 20, 2010

We Men and Women

If you observe carefully then you’ll realize that the water problems all started as the sex ratio started dipping. In the developing countries where there are severe water supply problems, the sex ratios are far lower than what they are in the developed nations. Rain water harvesting and fighting over rivers will only get one so far. The population is growing but the water isn’t. On the other hand, daughters are renewable resources and their regeneration is ideally proportional to the population. This could be a very effective way to alleviate the water problems.

Red is inverse of water availability and black is sex-ratio

Men are from Earth and women are from Earth. Cross-dressers might be from Uranus but lets not go into that. Women would like the world to believe that both sexes are equally capable of stuff. For a specie with more males than females more or less all around the planet it‘s amazing to see how it’s always men having secret wives/girlfriends and never wives having secret husbands/boyfriends despite there being many more men to go around for every women. There are like a hundred million women missing in Asia itself DESPITE which the Pandava way is out and the Sultan way is in. Even Rakhi Sawant managed to have a kumpetison for her marriage and Ayesha Whoever managed to get secretly married to Shoaib Malik whose current wife, on the other hand, is a Muslim Tennis player from India who is in that stage of her career where the media still tries to respect her and politely prints “Crashes out” headlines every time she tries to participate in a tournament and gets owned.

And you might be mistaken into believing that this missing women phenomenon is just limited to Asia. Don’t. South America has latinos and everything works fine there but there are incidents being reported from Europe and the Americas too. They’re chasing away lost boys in America so that they don’t compete for wives with their elders while they’re replacing little boys and girls for wives in churches. The developed world seems to be a step ahead again, damnit!

The other school of thought believes that there isn’t much we can do to fix the problem since marriages are made in heaven. They are then celebrated down here shortly after which they’re dissolved. The excuse is generally that it wasn’t the one. The only time it turned out to be the one, Trinity had to die. More often the case is that he isn’t the one but he had enough money to sign pre-nups with. More men per woman translates into more rich men per woman which results in the Vicious Skirt Cycle (VSC).

The Vicious Skirt Cycle

If this theory were applicable in all segments of the population then only the rich could mate and produce offspring and we would have witnessed poor people getting phased out through evolution and the Scots would have kept going around in circles. Since that isn’t happening we know that this doesn’t apply to the whole population. What has been suggested for the remaining population is that true love isn’t a farce. They state that true love is prone to false alarms but if you look hard enough, you’ll find it.

Finding love in Australia

There are other events that support my postulate too. Remember when they found Chinese babies in a Chinese river? Many of them were girls and all of them were dead. India isn’t doing much better with many states reporting a sub-900 sex ratio and Russian daughters are the main propagators of VSC and are more of a step forward and two backwards. This brings me to my conclusion.

The problem starts much before we experience it - there just aren’t enough daughters to grow up and become women

If everyone just had more daughters then the world would be completely fine and everyone could practice monogamy like the man/dad wants us to. There would be more women drivers which would results in more accidents and would eventually bring about a greater dependence on public transport thereby countering global warming. Those few boys in fourth grade who don’t have to sit with a girl when the class is being punished will run out of luck and everyone will be punished equally. The benefits are innumerable. Here are some heart-warming pictures from previous Take Your Daughter To Work Days which would be much more fun if there were more daughters.




The International Space Station



If this post made a difference to how you feel about daughters then please share it with your friends. If you share it with atleast ten of your friends then your next baby will be of the sex you want him to be.

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  1. Brilliant! The redolent-with-puns line I'll never forget: 'Men are from Earth and women are from Earth. Cross-dressers might be from Uranus but lets not go into that.' Take a bow.