Sunday, April 4, 2010

I Got Religion

A friend once took me to the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (and their page stats seem to tell me that I'm one of the only chaps in India who has entered it apart from the friend who took me). It's a lot of bull like all other religions but it has a point. On top of that he's a convenient god to believe in and worship and also has an International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Beat that Jesus.

The church by the way was mainly full of people claiming to have seen Him. His noodly appendages seem to be there everywhere where things looked complicated which covers quite a lot. I was slightly cynical about the whole thing until I suddenly spotted him in class once. I think he winked at me.

Curcumin by the way present in turmeric and is responsible for the yellow color.
It’s also a potential anti-cancer agent.
This guy watches over us and makes our food look good. Hallelujah!

And over the next few days I realised that [Hugh Grant voice] He actually is... all around.

He is inside us. Processing our proteins and making sure everything's hunky dory.

And then he's inside the proteins too.

He's trying to protect the Sundarbans by being the Sundarbans.

He's in outer space making sure the guys at NASA earn their bread and butter.

He's the face of the fight against AIDS. That's about it.

He's there protecting the self-respect of (adult sexy) Hula dancers worldwide.
(28th Aug 2011: This post has become very popular on Google Images because of
this picture andt herefore I must correctly attribute it to where I got it from

He is responsible for semi-conductors behaving the way they do.

He is Whoopi Goldberg's hair.



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