Friday, July 28, 2017

Coorg, Karnataka, India - 1

One of the last long weekends before summer 2017 was put to use joining a BMC group which was going to scale Tadiyandmol and also see some of the sights in the area. This is part 1 of this trip which includes a visit to the Nagarhole National Park and a trek up Nishani Motte. Part 2 has T itself and the rest of the sightseeing, Madikeri Fort, Nisargadhama, Bylakuppe, and the Raja's seat, is in part 3.

Answers to FAQ -
  • It was summer and the nearby waterfalls were dry.
  • The BMC guides knew their trekking but did not know their sight-seeing.

Nagarhole National Park

Like most other places which offer wildlife sightings, you don't actually get to see many exotic animals and have to make do with deer and a bunch of birds. Try and get a seat towards the front of the open van so that you can hear whatever information the driver gives out and don't feel the lack of a suspension as much as you would if you were sitting at the rear end. Wear something warm as it can get quite chilly; in a national park, you can never be too careful about your particular style of shivering getting misinterpreted for a mating dance.

From inside a bus which hasn't been serviced in a long time and refuses to start.

So long as you don't need them faster than 85 kmph

This would fit perfectly in the Sierra Nevada track in Road Rash.
If you managed to fall off your bike at a really high speed, you'd rise above
the canopy and fall somewhere far off and your jog back would involve a lot
of bumping into trees
and going, 'Ungh!' until you quit the race in frustration.

Somewhere in the park, there might possibly be a giraffe who isn't very hungry anymore.

Who else switched to Chrome because Firefox was becoming too sluggish?

Millions of storks are unaware of the demand generated from China lifting the one-child restriction.

When an immovable object meets an unstoppable force.

If you'd gone to the same college as me, you'd understand my lack of enthusiasm for deer,
And monkeys.

Nishani Motte

Nishani Motte is a shorter trek some 50 kilometres from the BMC hostel and probably not worth coming all the way to Coorg only for it, as another group staying at the same hostel would have realised later that weekend.

What models in 2030 are going to look like.

It was singing Moomoo Mooa.

Anil Kapoor's chest under a microscope.

When you've spilled your watercolour over your sheet and have to make the best of it.

Silhouettes can be misleading.
That's his hand.

In today's worlds, it's very likely that your partner isn't excited about the same things as you are.
That's probably why humans evolved to indulge in sex as a pleasurable activity.

I get so many calls from recruiters. How do I tell them that this is the job I want?

What sunset pictures actually look like before they get photoshopped.


The overnight stay was at an extension of someone's estate which had been converted to a no frills BMC hostel with shared bathrooms and mattresses laid down next to each other. The estate itself was picturesque, surrounded by lush greens without scary eyes in the bushes, or rustling, or any other noises.

You could hear the women werewolves howling.

Bonfires with a bunch of people you barely know
can tell you what sort of a first impression you give.
I seem to come across as someone who might know the answer to the
question, "What's the difference between deodorant and cologne?"
If you don't know, it's that you can't get deodorant cancer.

If leaves can look this then T-rex could have had feathers.

It lures you in with its happy colours and as soon as you're in range it
unravels to reveal spirals of really sharp teeth and then swallows you whole.

What most of Delhi looks like on the day after Holi.

Frosties for herbivores.

How convenient that the spider bite didn't give Peter Parker excessively hairy limbs or a weird ass.

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