Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Didi Walks Into A Bar

Didi walks into a bar. The comedian is arrested before he can finish the joke.

Didi walks into a bar. Calls for Pari bartender.

Didi walks into a bar. The owner hires new waiters to exclusively shuttle between her table and every other place in the bar. The owner hires more new waiters that go non-stop from the kitchen to the family tables without stopping at the tables for two. The owner is subsequently fired because he wants to raise the prices.

Didi walks into a bar. "Water" is removed from the drinks menu and is replaced as paani so that more people buy it.

Ab Marx se no Marx!

Didi screwing a light bulb and putting an end to that

Just when you thought the dark days of David Dhawan were over, bad jokes are making people famous again

Note to TC Intel: "XYZ walking into a bar"  is a popular joke format like knock knock jokes. It does not indirectly imply that XYZ is an alcoholic or a frequent visitor to bars, etc.

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  1. Brilliant!

    Just when I had thought that working for Sabre had taken a toll on your creativity.

    Marx se no Marx! Too good!