Sunday, August 15, 2010

How He Might Have Met Their Mother

I personally feel he can't stretch it much longer now. His kids would just send him to an old age home and go ask their mother how their father met her if they really care. The only other occasion when the children took more than five years to find out the story of their parents ended with the mother dying during childbirth, the daughter featuring in the most famous sci-fi bikini scenes, the son killing the father and the defeat of the Dark Side.

If you're bored as well (or were bored already a long long time ago) and want to skip the unimportant stuff then these are the probable endings based on how many more seasons they plan to have:

Season 16

Season 12

Season 10

Season 7

Season 5


  1. Why the obscure Doors reference?

  2. "...kill you." is how that line finishes.
    (Listen to The End by The Doors in case you still don't get it)

  3. i thought you meant 'fuck you'... as in fuck the world - doors style